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Full-automatic coilers

The demands of the market have always been and will always be the common thread in the production of coilers.

The development of the automatic coilers follows the same spirit.

Therefore CALINI MP offer not only the automation in winding but they go a step further and they offer the full automation with integrated settings.

On our coilers all the following operating cycles are automatic:

• Clamping of the pipe and winding
• Cutting and traversing
• Strapping and ejection of the coil

Furthermore, for transport and storage reasons, the market demand is that of perfect and compact coils.

CALINI MP with their many years of experience in this field, manufacture a complete range of automatic coilers able to assure a perfect winding and consequently a compact coil.

• Cylindrical core during winding which becomes truncated conical during the production of the coil.
• Bobbins in line, adjustable in diameter and width.
• Winding with constant tension or controlled bend.
• Intermittent traversing unit.
• Automatic synchronisation of the winding speed and extrusion.
• Pipe-end retainer.
• Meter counter.
• Automatic cutting device